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I don’t know if you’ll ever hear this, Clara… I don’t even know if you’re still alive out there. But you were good!
                                                    And you made a mighty fine Doctor.

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rosectyler said:
aw your icon makes me really happy and it's so cute. aww ten is so precious.

UGH I KNOW HE’S SUCH A CUTIE I H8 HIM i mean look at the actual scene, so adorable *_* (icon credit)

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never throw me anything unless you’re ok with it dropping

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Snowflakes are a weird concept to me. What makes them that shape? Why do they just fall out of the sky shaped like that? Who is making them that shape? Why did my ex gf Fav my tweet where I announced that I got laid off. Why did you do that sharon

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Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives.

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if you ever compliment my edits in your tags u should know i love you

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